5 e 6 marzo all’Area di Ricerca Napoli 1 del CNR

We are pleased to announce that the “2nd Meeting of the Italian C. elegans Research Community” (MICeRCo) will take place on 5-6 March 2020 at the IBBR-CNR, Naples.

Thanks to an increasing interest in this animal model and a evergrowing Italian community, we decided to gather together historical and recent C.elegans labs to share informations, tools, ideas.

We got more than 50 registered participants from Italy and Europe and 30 abstracts submitted.

Prof. A.E. Salcini (BRIC, Copenaghen) kindly accepted to present a lecture entitled:

Defective axon guidance links H3K4 deregulation to neurodevelopmental disorders

If you are interested in participating please visit www.micerco.it for more informations.

The official language of the congress will be English.

The organizers

Elia Di Schiavi (IBBR, Naples) and Simone Martinelli (ISS, Rome).


Pamela Santonicola, Giuseppina Zampi, Luca Pannone


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